Project: VPMs Polytechnic Alumni Website Creation

VPM’s Alumni

Objective of this project is to create online portal to get alma mater of VPMs Polytechnic connect together. In the past Sneha-bandha has tried to get this going but couldn’t get traction. With new members coming onboard, we’re all energized to make this project a reality!

Project Details

  • Website will provide online registration so that ex-students can register with Alumni Association
  • Platform will help college to highlight events and activities where Alumni can actively participate.

Project Benefits

  • Registered members will able to connect with other members and in turn help each other to grow professionally.
  • VPM’s Polytechnic will get a platform to connect with it’s Alma Mater.

Project Timelines

  • We’re expecting new website to go live starting May 2021!

People / Members / Organizations Involved.

  • Along with great support from current Alumni Association Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary; we also have amazing contribution from new members Sammit Rane, Mukul Tilak and veteran Santosh Patil